The First Lamborghini Aventador Crashes in Italy!

It has happened…the very first Lamborghini Aventador (the latest from the marquee) exotic car crash has occurred! While some in the auto world are surprised it took this long from launch to crunch, I am saddened to see one of the newest supercars reduced to roadside rubble.

First Lamborghini Aventador Wreck

The Aventador at rest in the ditch

Face palm

According to Italy’s Motori, the Lamborghini Aventador got a bit too fast and furious, attempting to pass a row of vehicles before colliding with a truck, a telephone pole, a steel pole, fencing and finally a ditch.

Lamborghin Aventador

Lamborghin Aventador

While no one was hurt, the front wheels were ripped completely off of the Aventador.  Impressively, the carbon fiber monocoque survived intact, a testament to the durability of the luxury material. It seems that now the driver will have to buff-out his dented ego and send the Lambo in for repairs, and perhaps drive with more caution when behind the wheel of a $380,000 exotic sports car!

Lamborghin Aventador

What the Lamborghin Aventador looked like in its original condition

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