Ford Sues Ferrari over F150 Name

Ford F150 Vs. Ferrari F150

Ferrari has been naming its F1 Racing vehicles ‘F’, followed by whatever year it is.  That simple plan was altered this year to honor the 150th anniversary of Italy’s unification…leading to the 2011 Ferrari F1 Racing car name ‘F-150’.  So…a Ferrari F150.  Is Ford Motor Co. a bit perturbed?  You bet.


Ford Sues Ferrari

Ford is suing Ferrari SpA over the F150 trademark, claiming that it comes too close to their own Ford F150 pickup truck, their long-time breadwinner.  While I do not imagine anyone could ever confuse a Ford pickup truck with a Ferrari racecar, I can understand the importance of defending your brand.  What was Ferrari thinking?

Ferrari F150 Racecar

It seems that anyone could have foreseen the lawsuit, and that many names including 150 could have been used in place of the F150, which has obviously been used by Ford for ages.  Is creativity dead?

While Ferrari only wished to use the F150 name for their F1 racecar for 2011 and none of their street cars, Ford was forced to take a stand.  With these types of branding issues, giving an inch could lead to losing a mile, so to speak.  What are your thoughts on the legal matter between Ferrari and Ford?  Comment below.
Ferrari F150

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