The Halcón Falcarto German Newcomer: Hit or Miss?

There is a new automaker emerging in Germany called Halcón and it is eager to show off the very first model. The Halcón Falcarto begins with a Nissan 370Z chassis and then takes on its very own carbon fiber infused persona. Check out the racy video clip of her in action below.

The Halcón Falcarto is a newcomer on the automotive scene hailing from Germany, which is no slouch in the luxury car arena and has always had plenty to bring to the table.

The Halcón Falcarto means Falcon, which the new company chose to communicate that the vehicle means to soar both in terms of speed and sales we presume. Let us take a look at what the newbie has to offer in terms of specification, power and performance.

The Halcón Falcarto at a glance:

  • The engine is a Nissan 370Z 3.7-liter V6 which has been modified with a sweet twin-turbo setup and tuned to kick 640 horses from the stable.
  • Like many brands, they intend to offer various power levels, including an entry level putting out around 420 horses. With the base model anticipated at $190k, the more robust siblings should be north of the $200k range—placing them in competition with the bigger dogs like Lamborghini and Ferrari. You know, the base models of the bigger dogs…it is a start, after all!
  • The not to 60 mile per hour sprint is a reported 3.5 seconds and topspeed is approaching 200 miles per hour.

Halcón Falcarto

Photo ©Frankfurt auto center. The Halcón Falcarto emerged at the annual Frankfurt Motor Show, which is always well-attended and vigorously covered by all automotive news outlets.

The brand has hit the scene rolling, and is already taking orders. Ever so German, they are timidly limiting the initial production run to just 15 handcrafted cars, likely to test the market.

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