In the Spirit of Art & Spirits: Art Basel 2008

Art and alcohol work in tandem on Miami Beach, particularly during Art Basel. If you are an art or liquor aficionado, or both, check out the Maison Ruinart Champagne lounge. In case you are ignorant, Ruinart is the historic Chanpagne house founded by Nicolas Ruinart in the Champagne region of Reims, France. Ruinart has been exclusively bottling champagne since 1729 making it the oldest champagne house in the world. Ruinart is now owned by parent company Moet Hennessy Louis Vuitton SA  or LVMH.

Now we can get back to the Art Basel, Miami Beach part. The Maison Ruinart Champagne lounge at Art Basel will feature Internationally renowned Dutch furniture designer and artist Maarten Baas. The lounge will be selling his latest work, an evanescent chandelier. The Salvador Dali-esque centerpiece was made from Murano glass, silver and bottles of Ruinart Chamoagne. The piece "Bouquet de Champagne de Dom Ruinart," was influenced by an 18th century Venetian chandelier that has fallen. What we mean is the piece sits on the table, rather than hanging above, and gives the illusion of a chandelier that has fallen and is melting with bottles of Dom Ruinart.

The extraordinary piece will be going for $100,000 during Art Basel and is just one of many pieces we have found so far. In the spirit of art and, well, spirits we cannot wait for Art Basel to begin on December 4th!