Industry Exclusive: Luxury Yacht Charters & Sales Soar

Yachts in CannesAs reports burst in regarding the yachting industry this year, it certainly seems there is a bright outlook, and who isn’t up for some optimism these days?

Figures are up for luxury yacht charter volume, production and sales over this time frame last year, outlining and indicating that a perhaps progressive recovery is underway on the heels of the economic downfall.

The spreading vibe created by increasing figures could be described as cautiously optimistic.  It is a relief to many that luxury yacht charter and mega yacht charter bookings are increasing, following a meager winter and slow spring.  Weather over the winter was less than savory for the yachting industry, and we look forward to a sensational summer.

The Cannes Film Festival and Monaco Grand Prix traditionally mark the beginning of the Mediterranean yacht charter season, and the volume of bookings appears encouraging.  Caribbean yacht charters are also on the upswing, with the plethora of luxury yacht charters out of Miami that circulate both the eastern and western Caribbean.

Yes, the luxury lifestyle has been on the upswing lately, after a considerable drought.  Exotic and luxury rental cars are also making a comeback as the economy continues to make its own.  It has been frowned upon the past few years to indulge in luxury cars, aircraft charters, yacht charters and the like with the economy in such a state. 

Now that the economy is on its way to making a healthy comeback, luxury is slowly seeping back into our lives.  Indicators of this can be found in the numbers, as we have seen a 15% increase in the volume of luxury yacht charters available worldwide over the past year, indicating that more yachts are hitting the seas. 

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Post by Imagine Lifestyles Luxury Rentals