Just the Top 5 Exotic Rental Cars to have Sex In!

While most of our luxury living blogs are PG13, sometimes one slips through the radar…like this one! This is all about the top 5 exotic rental cars to get naughty in, so if this adult material may offend you, you may opt to hit the gas and cruise on over to one of our celebrity blogs or other category. For the rest of you, loosen your tie and dive in!

5. Bentley convertible rental
4. Lamborghini convertible rental
3. Rolls Royce drophead rental
2. Maserati GranTurismo rental
1. Ferrari California rental

Bentley GTC convertible rental in Miami

Bentley GTC rental Miami

The Bentley brand is a bonafied ticket to getting a piece. Powered by a special 6-liter turbocharged W12 engine, this will start things up fast with plenty of interior space!

Lamborghini rental in Miami

Lamborghini rental Miami

If you have not fantasized about getting frisky in a Lamborghini, you are fibbing. Our Lamborghini LP-560 spyder rental in Miami is the perfect excuse to rev up, or look up, that old flame…

Rolls Royce rental in Miami

Rolls Royce rental Miami

A drophead Rolls Royce is also a pussy wagon…end shameless ‘Grease’ line-drop. The cabin is oversized and drenched in luxury, ideal for stirring the mood.

Maserati rental in Miami

Maserati rental Miami

Women love the Maserati marquee, including tartlets like Lindsay Lohan. They go for the power and prestige of the pronounced supercar, so take advantage of the allure and opt for a convertible to ensure that there is room for extracurricular activities! This car has a top speed of 183, and you may have the undergarments off even faster than that!

Ferrari California

The Ferrari California has a nice backside

Finally, the red-hot Ferrari California rental in Miami leads the way for a fast fling. You will hit 0-60 in less than 4 seconds, and likely your goal for the evening as well!



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