Unbelievable: LaFerrari Posted For Sale With Interesting Asking Price

The Prancing Horse made it nearly impossible to become a proud parent of the fierce LaFerrari hybrid when it was born. Now it seems that at least one of the owners has a short attention span and is already willing to part with their LaFerrari. There have been others in the chosen 499, but this one stands out in the crowd based on asking price alone.

LaFerrariThe Laferrari has proven that she looks good in any color–though the one for sale in this instance is black. Shown above in signature Ferrari red.

There were murmurings of legal verbiage in the buyer’s contract forbidding the resale of a LaFerrari for profit within a certain period of time. That period of time must have passed because this seller is asking for a shocking and fairly obscene $5 million dollars for the car. That is correct, they want an additional $4 million over the sticker price for a used one. It does sound insane, but with the comfort that this is a supercar that will almost certainly retain value and end up being worth far more, someone may wish to invest. It will likely take a decade or more for LaFerrari to be worth that staggering sum, and a few others for sale for similar amounts will likely fail to make that the new going rate.

What are they thinking?

When LaFerrari emerged, the brand made it very clear that potential buyers would be screened and must meet strict criteria in order to place an order and be permitted to purchase. For example, a potential candidate must already own a certain number of other Ferrari cars to show that they are a collector of the brand, because LaFerrari was crafted exclusively for the brand’s most valued clientele. For that reason, some buyers likely feel that they can now charge whatever they please for their cars.

The LaFerrari is said to be offered at Naples Motorsports with just 202 miles on her and is currently the only one available in the Untied States.

LaFerrariPost by Imagine Lifestyles Luxury Rentals