Unbelievable: LaFerrari Posted For Sale With Interesting Asking Price


The Prancing Horse made it nearly impossible to become a proud parent of the fierce LaFerrari hybrid when it was born. Now it seems that at least one of the owners has a short attention span and is already willing to part with their LaFerrari. There have been others in the chosen 499, but this one stands out in the crowd based on asking price alone.

The Laferrari has proven that she looks good in any color–though the one for sale in this instance is black. Shown above in signature Ferrari red. read more

The Unattainable LaFerrari Hits a Used Car Sale Lot?

Ferrari will produce just 499 units of the obsessed-over LaFerrari supercar. The brand announced last year that it would favor exclusivity over volume–and backed up the claim by turning away many hopeful LaFerrari buyers with loaded pockets, with the famous and even icons subject to rejection. In fact, Ferrari CEO Luca di Montezemolo hand picked the list of buyers personally‚Ķleaving many to wonder if the Prancing Horse could be a bit miffed that number 1/499 is now gracing a used car lot with an asking price much higher than the purchase price? That is correct, there is a LaFerrari for sale. read more