The Lexus NX SUV is an Interestingly Sexy Beast

The Lexus NX SUV was cleverly designed to look like it was cast from a single piece of material. The sleek and sexy beast has hit the scene with all the right attributes and is taunting the likes of the Audi Q5 and the BMW X3.

Lexus NX SUV

Lexus NX is a bold approach to the luxury SUV. She is all modern inside and out, and gathering her fair share of stares prior to the official reveal. 

Lexus NX SUV

The Lexus NX appears to be a toned-down version of the much more outgoing and bulky Lexus LF-NX concept. Both members of the family are geared towards turning heads with their futuristic appearances and modern amenities. The best description of this I have read so far came from the fellows at Top Gear, who commented that the NX SUV “Appears as though it wishes to devour pedestrians whole.”

Lexus LF-NX concept

The hefty LF-NX concept

Lexus NX SUVThe Lexus NX SUV at a glance:

  • That signature spindle grille
  • There will be 3 powertrain options: A petrol-electric NX300h, petrol NX200 and a turbocharged NX200t petrol option.
  • The NX200t version will be the first turbo engine from Lexus. It is a 2.0-liter four with VVT-iW and has the capacity to operate as an Atkinson cycle engine with Otto cycle at higher speeds. The transmission is a 6-speed automated.
  • The NX300h will supply a 2.5-liter four with Lexus Hybrid Drive and a CVT gearbox. This one utilizes the Atkinson Cycle constantly.
  • The NX models also provide a nifty charging tray for devices, among other creature comforts and luxuries.
  • The standard shoes for this lady are 225/60 tires ensconcing either 17 or 18-inch rims.

Lexus NX SUVThe official reveal will be at the Beijing Auto Show next week and she may be on display during the New York Auto Show as well.

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