LaFerrari Is Happy When it Rains

While the LaFerrari is nearly impossible to obtain and certainly well-shielded by those fortunate enough to own a specimen, it is nice to see one taken out and punished on the track in the rain as nature intended! Take in the view from the cockpit of the luscious LaFerrari as she tackles the track in the short video below:

Above is awesome footage of the powerful LaFerrari hyperbeast taking on the track in the rain. The car seems to manage just fine, regardless of weather conditions. That said–it might not be the greatest of inspirations to drive her on ice or snow!

The LaFerrari is the only hybrid supercar of the Prancing Horse family, pushing forth an impressive 950 horses (or 963, depending on who you believe or who is talented enough to unleash her full potential) thanks to a robust V12 engine mated with 2 electric counterparts. It is a HY-KERS system featuring a 7-speed dual gearbox and special EF1-trac F1 electronic traction control, which certainly assisted in the situation above. At her best, LaFerrari can travel from not to 200 km/h in just 7 seconds, a feat the driver in the clip likely wishes they had the sunshine and dry pavement to experience. Overall, the opportunity to take one of just 499 LaFerrari hypercars out on the track, in any weather, is not something many would complain about. The brand is extremely selective in regards to exactly who is able to purchase the model, with a long list of criteria that must be met and quite a few very famous faces rejected in the application for ownership process!

LaFerrariFun fact: LaFerrari is the fastest streetcar in the company’s rather lengthy history.

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