What a Lamborghini Crash Looks Like From the Driver’s Seat

Check out this awesome footage of a Lamborghini crash captured from the driver’s seat! It is one thing to witness a supercar getting demolished from the sidelines, but quite another to experience it from the point of view of the driver. Every car should be equipped with a dash cam.

Have you ever wondered what it looked like from the driver’s perspective while crashing a supercar? Check out the clip above to experience everything but the intense stomach pains.

Imagine the adrenaline rush the poor chap must have been enduring in the brief time it took to destroy the Lamborghini. Even the pros crash cars on a regular basis–the sheer power output of cars like these can be challenging to harness. Practice does not seem to make perfect when it comes to driving supercars like Lamborghini, as even driver’s with decades of experience crash the cars on occasion. No word on this guy’s identity or experience level, but he certainly gets my sympathy!

Lamborghini crash

The driver spins out on this corner and the Lamborghini just shreds. Somehow, the driver is able to drive it back to pit, where the extensive damage is shown. 

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