How to Drive a Lamborghini Into a Pole or a Lake

Lamborghini crashes and crazy incidents are apparently on the rise recently, with the following two tidbits making headlines: A driver kissing a pole with a Lambo and another rocketing the car into a pond during a drag race…on a track.

The clip above shows a Lamborghini spinning out prior to making a splash in a nearby pond. Why is there a body of water near a track in the first place, lending such damaging potential. Bodies of water belong on golf courses. 

The driver of the Lamborghini Gallardo in the video above found himself in hot water during a WannaGOFAST drag race in Florida. The car was tuned by Heffner Performance of Florida and packing over 2,000 horses. The clincher: During the race, the turbos were actually tuned down. Heffner shared:  “We had the boost down to minimum, about 17 pounds, That car would have no issue making 2,400 to 2,500 horsepower at the wheels at 40 or 45 pounds of boost.” The driver encountered a patch of debris, which caused him to lose control and careen into a pond. Even the slightest movement of the steering wheel can lead to a complete loss of control in a supercar like this, so driving over something, no matter how small, is dramatic. read more

Another Mechanic Joy Ride Ends in Lamborghini Crash

Lamborghini crash

Supercars are a natural temptation to the mechanics that service them. The occasional unauthorized joyride is quite commonplace, though it certainly makes headlines when it ends in disaster, like this Lamborghini crash that occurred recently in Austria! The young mechanic could not resist the urge to take the Gallardo for a spin upon completion, and now the car is a total write-off.

The photos for this crash scene were quite clear compared to most. The Lamborghini landed directly on its top, making it amazing that both parties survived the crash. read more

What a Lamborghini Crash Looks Like From the Driver’s Seat

Check out this awesome footage of a Lamborghini crash captured from the driver’s seat! It is one thing to witness a supercar getting demolished from the sidelines, but quite another to experience it from the point of view of the driver. Every car should be equipped with a dash cam.

Have you ever wondered what it looked like from the driver’s perspective while crashing a supercar? Check out the clip above to experience everything but the intense stomach pains.

Imagine the adrenaline rush the poor chap must have been enduring in the brief time it took to destroy the Lamborghini. Even the pros crash cars on a regular basis–the sheer power output of cars like these can be challenging to harness. Practice does not seem to make perfect when it comes to driving supercars like Lamborghini, as even driver’s with decades of experience crash the cars on occasion. No word on this guy’s identity or experience level, but he certainly gets my sympathy! read more

Drive It Like You Stole It: Couple Crashes Lamborghini Just After Purchase

Lamborghini crash

A California couple likely experienced a monumental high when they purchased a 2008 Lamborghini Murcielago in La Jolla. The pair also hit rock bottom, when they crashed the Lamborghini into a wall just hours after the purchase! The strange twist to this Lamborghini crash is that the couple fled the crash scene, leaving police to piece together to puzzle.

Couple buys and crashes Lamborghini within hours–abandon the supercar at the scene!

It is quite bizarre to simply abandon a $220,000 supercar on the street following a crash. Is a police report not handy during an insurance claim? Baffled police were forced to impound the vehicle while they searched for the owners. Documents inside the car revealed that it was purchased mere hours before the crash. According to reports, there is no indication the vehicle had been stolen, and no persons reported it as such. read more

High Speed Lamborghini Crash

It is a challenge to control the 640 horses in the Lamborghini Murcielago LP640. For that reason, driving a supercar is a task that should certainly never be attempted after leaving a watering hole with motor skills and judgment impaired. Intoxicating as this sports car is, it should be operated stone cold sober. A thirsty German learned this lesson the hard way when he experienced a high speed Lamborghini crash! The important thing is that a lesson was learned, because that means he indeed survived. read more