Luxury Gives Back: Meet “Exotic Cars for a Cause”

I came across an article today that I found to be a fabulous example of philanthropy, it is called “Exotic Cars for a Cause”.  This is an annual event created by Memphis Cars Italia to raise funds for Habitat for Humanity.  So how does it work?

Each year Memphis cars puts on its “Worldwide Exotic Italian Car Show”, and it does this strategically on Father’s Day.  Why?  Because Dad’s love luxury cars and around 50-60 of them are put on display for them to drool over (for a small fee, of course).  Proceeds and donations then benefit Habitat for Humanity of greater Memphis.

The luxury cars on display are valuable, some hitting the $300,000 mark.  This year they included:

•    A Porsche Panamera
•    A Vintage 70s Dino Daytona
•    275 Ferrari Models including the new Ferrari F430, a 328 and a 308 (you got it, Magnum P.I.)
•    A 90s Lamborghini Diablo

So what is in it for the kiddies treating dear old dad?  The event featured games including “Red Light, Green Light”, a construction-themed relay race, a car and driver themed photo booth for memories and Hot Wheels racetracks for the little tykes.

For those of you who are fans of the hit blockbuster “Grandma’s Boy”, you will be delighted and amused to hear that “race car” beds were also sold at the event for $300 dollars (donated by Hilton).  I will close with a quote from the movie:

“Dude.  Your bed is a car.”  

“Yeah.  But it is a sweet car!”

Not so fast!  We can’t be completely outdone here, check out our fleet of luxury rental cars and share your ideas on how we can use the to generate profits for charitable organizations!  See pics of our recent Chicago launch party, where Imagine Lifestyles helped to raise $7,000 for “Receptions for Research” breast cancer fund.

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