Luxury List: 1 Billion Dollar Streets of Monaco Yacht

Streets of Monaco Superyacht

Imagine one of the world’s landmark luxury cities, Monaco.  Now picture it rollin’…I mean floating…meet the ‘Streets of Monaco’ megayacht.  I must say I do feel that the term ‘megayacht’ may not be sufficient for this billion-dollar beauty!  Oh yes, I said a billion…with a B.

This luxury yacht charter is one of the most secure and expensive in existence, boasting scaled-down reproductions of Monaco’s landmarks expanding across the 500-foot superyacht.  One such nod is a go-kart track on deck inspired by the Monaco Grand Prix, which gearheads are certain to praise!  I wonder if there is a track to race your exotic rental cars onboard, or perhaps a private Ferrari Challenge at sea?  Hey, it could happen.


Megayacht charter

Other Monaco-inspired features include a representation of the Hotel de Paris, La Rascasse and the Loews Hotel.  Designed by Yacht Island Design of Derbyshire County (long name, take breath) in England, the Streets of Monaco Superyacht can accommodate 16 guests and 70 crewmembers quite comfortably.  And where does the lucky owner sleep?  That would be in a sprawling 4,800 square-foot suite with three floors. ‘

Billion Dollar Yachts

Rather than traditional decks, the Streets of Monaco will have buildings, and a private beach will replace the swimming platform.  There will also be lavish waterfalls, a swim-up Jacuzzi bar, helicopters and submarines available.

Luxury Yacht Charter Submarine

Rumor has it this superyacht charter was inspired by car racing and developed accordingly.  One thing is certain; it exceeds the $1 billion paid by Roman Abramovich for the Eclipse yacht.


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