A Maserati Concept With Alfa Design Cues and Ferrari Engine–Is this Alderaan?

Maserati is a highly recognizable brand thanks to a hugely successful past and a body style that has endured the test of time–with the exception of the Maserati SUV! Rumblings igniting around the auto community point to an all-new GranSport with a wildly different approach to design aesthetics geared toward change!

Alfa Romeo 4c

Perhaps this concept is a statement to those that think Maserati has gone soft? While there is no photo just yet, some say the next GranSport will rival the popular Alfa 4C, pictured above

The mind behind this project is sharp and able to reflect a company that once conquered grand prix racing: Harald Wester, CEO of Alfa Romeo. Wester is currently presiding over Maserati and Alfa Romeo…so the possibilities at his fingertips are certainly exciting. What will he be driven to create?

Maserati GranSport MC12


Let’s get down to specification rumors:
• Could be a mid-engine V8 exotic sportster
• Lightweight supercar (likely carbon fiber)
• Intended to resuscitate the GranSport name
• 4.7-liter V8 Ferrari engine with 454 horses
• The GranSport will be a few hundred lb’s less than Ferrari…I smell a duel!

We shouldn’t be too hard on Maserati, things have been challenging since its integration with the Fiat group—where it became a sister-company to the likes of Ferrari and built predominantly mid-engine tourers with automatic transmissions and that stunning SUV.

Maserati GranTurismo MC Stradale

Maserati GranTurismo MC Stradale

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