McLaren P1 Claims Sub-7-Minute Lap at Nürburgring

McLaren is certainly proud of their latest addition, the McLaren P1 supercar. The company released a video of the P1 tearing through the infamous Nurburgring circuit, claiming a sub-7-minute lap. That is a feat few street legals have achieved, including the Porsche 918 and the Radical SR8.

Check out the clip released by McLaren of its newest supercar, the P1, taking an incredible lap at the Nurburgring. Does this prove it is one of just a handful to make it in less than 7 minutes? They claim that they indeed managed the feat, but do not release an exact time, maddeningly. 

The Nissan GT-R geared up with the Track Pack still only achieved a time of 7 minutes and 8.69 seconds for the Nurburgring. The McLaren P1 was driven by test driver Chris Goodwin in the video.

McLaren P1

The McLaren P1 supercar is a stunner. It is a hybrid packing over 900 horses.

The McLaren P1 pushes forth 726 horses with an additional 176 derived from an electric motor. That gives the hyper beast hybrid an overall output of 903 horses…just below the LaFerrari hybrid supercar.

McLaren P1

The video released by McLaren shows bits and pieces, leaving us to wonder if a full-length version will be released in the future. Some are questioning the lap time, so it can be assumed that the McLaren team will be eager to prove this massive success with their latest model. The reason McLaren did not boast about an exact time may be because according to Ford’s performance boss, Jamal Hameedi, there is simply no such thing. There is no officially agreed upon start or finish point on the Nurburgring, which seems unbelievable due to its sheer popularity. That is just a rumor, however.

McLaren P1

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