Mechanic Crashes Ferrari During Joy Ride Gone Awry

Mechanics are supposed to create solutions and repair vehicles, but on occasion they do crash them instead! A tempted Texas mechanic has some explaining to do after crashing a 20-year-old Ferrari F40 during a routine test drive whilst the wealthy owners were away in Europe.

Wrecked Ferrari F40

Ferrari prior to crash

Ferrari F40 Crashed

Ferrari following crash!

The original wheels of the vintage Ferrari are being considered as a factor that lead to the ill-fated grease monkey careening off the road and into a fence during this exotic car crash. Police have stated that the mechanic must have been exceeding the local speed limit by at least 35 mph to achieve such an aftermath, however!

When it made its debut, the Ferrari F40 demanded an incredible $400,000 to own…a figure that went as high as a million dollars when supply-and-demand were factored in! That amount of money back in 1987 was unthinkable, so imagine the value of the car today, considering the rarity and vintage status.

Crashed Ferrari shots

Before a crash….

Ferrari crash shots

another Ferrari after crash!

It seems that mechanics are often tempted by the exotic cars they are tasked to maintain…it must feel very similar to someone placing your favorite meal in front of you, instructing you not to eat it–and then walking away! While I sincerely feel for the mechanic, surely he knew that a car like this takes some finesse and training to operate?


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