Mercedes Benz Aria Concept—Breath of Electric Air!

Mercedes Benz Aria Concept

Mercedes Benz Aria Concept

The goal was to create an electric luxury hybrid car with a timeless design and futuristic technology.  Macedonian design student Slavche Tanevski nailed both with the Mercedes Benz Aria concept, a luxury hybrid for the year 2030.


Mercedes Benz Aria Concept

Tanevski created the vision at the Mercedes Benz design studio under the supervision of the company’s design chief.  The Aria concept boasts a sleek silhouette with dynamic proportions coupled with a sculpted sensual appeal.  Is this the future of the Mercedes Benz brand?  One can only hope!

Mercedes Benz Aria Luxury Concept Car

The futuristic design cues continue to the interior of the Aria Mercedes concept.  The interior is not welded to the exterior, but wired to a copper skeleton.  This allows the interior to be easily interchangeable, like home furniture.  This style of connecting allows for improved comfort, as the wires have a flexibility resulting in a second suspension system that creates a sort of flying sensation for passengers.

Mercedes Benz Aria Concept

The choice of materials used in this luxury concept car includes copper and aluminum to express strength, leather and black piano surfaces serve as symbols of high class and exclusivity.  A wooden floor reminiscent of a luxury yacht deck is the final touch on the spacious and stunning Aria concept car.

No word yet on the exact engine specs, but with the launch date some 20 years in the future, many components are likely to change!

Mercedes Benz Aria Concept

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