Models & Meat-heads Have A New Miami Beach Gym

Everybody’s New Years resolution is to get back into shape after holiday binges. You will probably notice how the gym gets uncomfortably crowded for a few weeks, it usually dies down by February. In Miami, however, people stay fit and in the gym all year. With the gym being an everyday shrine in Miami, it was only fitting to build something outrageous.

David Barton has built the king of all gyms in the Gansevoort South Hotel. David Barton is somewhat of a South Beach celebrity, he is the man behind the Miami upscale gym. Building also in Chicago and New York, he has taken gyms to an all new high. Barton’s modus operandi is helping South Beach, Chicago and New York "look better naked."

The Studio Sofield has helped him design the newest 45,000-square-foot big daddy, DBG gym and spa. The space features Italian chain-inlayed stairs, hand-stenciled walls, hanging sculptures and a metal lattice dome ceiling. The spa offers some very South Beach-ish inspired treatments like "The Cougar," an anti-aging facial. Plus, the "Hot Pants," a treatment to exfoliate, tighten and tone the derriere. The new DBG gym in the Gansevoort South kind of makes the other South Beach David Barton gym’s look like garbage, maybe its time for some renovating. David Barton gym members can work-out at any location. However, if you are a member of DBG through the Flamingo Residencies that’s another story. The Flamingo has a puny version of a David Barton Gym but like everything else at the Flamingo they shaft you. You cannot work out anywhere but there, you’ll miss out on the bigger and better DBG. In short, the new DBG is stunning and sure to make every South Beach meat-head and model feel good this season.