The Outstanding Cockpit of the Ferrari 458 Italia

Reminiscent of the five giant lions that joined together to form Voltron, the 458 Italia provides nostalgic flashbacks.  In fact, it would be great to see several Ferrari’s mesh together and form a luxury transformer…ok recovering from childhood tangent.  Man your battle-stations!

The exotic dashboard of the Ferrari 458 Italia feels like a high-tech cockpit of awesomeness that seems like there should be a “Designated Personnel Only” sign around somewhere. 

We have mentioned the 458 Italia previously, but felt the need to dive further into the plush and playful interior.  You can catch what we shared previously by visiting our 458 Italia post in our luxury blog.

Ferarri 458 Italia
The wheel and dashboard are designed to make the driver feel not only comfortable, but in complete control of their luxury car or exotic rental car.  It is a wonderland for geeks who are turned-on by gadgets.  If you are feeling the urge, try a Ferarri rental Miami style today.

There are suspension settings, start/stop and turn-signal buttons right at your fingertips as opposed to inconvenient levers and controls that are not worthy of a Voltron’s needs.  The F1-style paddles are longer, and controls that are not used as often have been relocated to outer positions to make frequently used ones more accessible.  Not only does the dash design look stellar, it is conducive to its purpose-to be driven and uh…dashing!

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