Photos: Lamborghini Crashes into BMW Bike Dealership

A supercar crash is always newsworthy, but when it involves a BMW motorcycle dealership, the news spreads like wildfire….or the 458 Ferrari fires! On July 6th, a man drove his Murcielago directly into a display of BMW bikes, plowing them over and severely damaging his hypercar.

Lamborghini crash

“Hello…I’d like to trade my Lamborghini in on…all of these!”

The best comment regarding the incident read: “Italian car made by Germans crushing German bikes owned by Italians. Interesting.”

Lamborghini crash at BMW

Bumper cars, anyone?

Now that many Lamborghini Aventadors have been delivered, the crashes are piling up. It is actually quite common for drivers to lose control of exotic cars, even experienced drivers. The power catapulting these cars along is exceptional, and should never be underestimated. Fortunately, most wild sports car crashes result in damage to the vehicles and not loss of lives.

There were no life-threatening injuries reported, but you can be assured that the ego of the Lambo driver certainly suffered. The accident occurred in Marian, Italy.

Lamborghini Aventador
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