Video: Bugatti Veyrons Get the Bronze in Monaco and Geneva

When you mix masses of money with a love of exotic cars, the result is often intriguing: like this bronze Bugatti Veyron spied in Monaco! This car reminded me of the bronze and polished aluminum beauty from the 2012 Geneva Auto Show, see video below. While most Bugatti cars are unique to some degree and all manage to stand out like a sore thumb, these bronze examples leaves an audible impact in their wake!

Bugatti Veyron Grandsport Vitesse in bronze

Supercar owners go to extremes to make their exclusive machines even more unique. Hey, no one likes a copycat. Above is the Veyron Grand Sport Vitesse in bronze and aluminum.

Perhaps this unusual hue is intended to mirror the success of a copper tycoon? Doubtful. The car was captured perusing the streets with equally attractive companions–the McLaren MP4-12C and a G55 AMG.

This Veyron is painted bronze, not dipped in gold
. Try to look away…

Word is that a bright and wealthy Russian owns this Veyron. The color combination of black and bronze must have a significant meaning to the owner, though that is a mystery!

The ciip above shows the Veyron at the Geneva Show this year. More on Bugatti cars can be found in our luxury blog, and don’t drive past our fleet of luxury rental cars and events on your way out!


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