Shocking Auto News: A Production Plug-in Rolls-Royce Phantom

The traditionalist company that is Rolls-Royce rarely produces anything utterly shocking (See what I did there?). It is for that very reason that murmurings of a the plug-in Rolls-Royce Phantom concept actually inching toward production are more than a bit intriguing. Will the next generation of the Rolls-Royce Phantom offer an alternative powertrain and a modern carbon fiber and aluminum chassis?

Plug-in Rolls-Royce PhantomThe Rolls-Royce 102EX concept has been around for a while, and could become a reality soon if rumors are true.

There has been an electric Rolls-Royce Phantom concept before, the 102EX just a few years ago. The idea failed to electrify the masses and it fizzled out until now. This will be a revisited version of the Phantom 102EX with all of the lightening bugs flushed out and improved specs. There should be plenty of impressive aspects to the plug-in Rolls-Royce Phantom, with so much access to BMW technology.

Plug-in Rolls-Royce PhantomAlternative technologies like a hybrid powertrain and use of carbon fiber are things that have not been employed by Rolls-Royce in the past, at least not in production form and not from the official company. It seems that parent company BMW could be molding their offspring to fit into the future. Think about the BMW i8–it offers both an electric powertrain and a futuristic chassis. Perhaps the parents are ahead of the kids on this round.

Plug-in Rolls-Royce PhantomIt is rather humorous to imagine a Rolls-Royce as anything other than an enormous 12-cylinder heavyweight grand touring luxury vehicle. I mean, what would become of those distinctive oversized signature grilles should the Rolls-Royce strive to become lighter, faster and…dare I say…aerodynamic?

Plug-in Rolls-Royce PhantomOverall, it will be a waiting game to see exactly what rolls out in this arena. Will it be a Ghost of the old plug-in concept, or a Phantom menace of all that is electric powertrain?

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