Porsche Gets Pouty– A Baby Porsche SUV to Rival the BMW X6 and Range Rover Evoque

Porsche Cajun Luxury SUV

It seems that Porsche is following in the steps of Aston Martin and its Cygnet in terms of shrinking, producing a scaled-down luxury SUV, to be dubbed the ‘Cajun’.  The name is intended to communicate that this Porsche SUV may be miniscule, but it is spicy and packs some serious specs.

Porsche Cajun SUV

The Porsche Cajun is a sporty little brother for the Cayenne, according to Volkswagen Group chairman Martin Wintercorn.  This luxury SUV will be the first model devised by new owners, VW, so the pressure to perform is on.  The fact that this teeny luxury SUV will be competing against the likes of the BMW X6 and all new Range Rover Evoque adds a bit more pressure to the tyke like SUV’s maker.

Porsche Cajun Small SUV

Overall, it seems Volkswagen has anticipated and covered a variety of important areas, as there is chatter of two diesel versions being produced, including a 3-liter TDI with the capacity to rival the performance of petrol variants.  For the earthy SUV types, VW may create a petrol electric hybrid model similar to Audi’s Q5.  In fact, this seems likely due to the fact that the Cajun drew its inspiration from the Q5 (remember that VW also owns Audi brand, this is one big happy luxury family, sort of like Brangelina).

Porsche Cajun SUV

A variety of specifications will be made available for the Porsche Cajun luxury SUV, including a 2-liter 237 bhp and a 3-liter 328 bhp V6 model rumored to nail the 0-60 mark in 6 seconds…not bad for a tiny SUV with few horses!  Closing the hood, the outside will feature two doors, and will be shorter and stockier than the Q5, with a Boxster-inspired dashboard to top it off.

Rumors place the Porsche Cajun’s debut for 2013; we will have to see what develops in the interim!  Don’t miss our fleet of luxury rental SUVs, including Porsche rentals, and exotic rental car options on your way out!






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