New Porsche Panamera Edition Is Not Obvious

Porsche is attempting to distinguish the popular Panamera model with a special edition version simply called the ‘Edition’. The Porsche Panamera Edition is nearly impossible to distinguish from her siblings, utilizing the very same base components from the 310-horsepower versions, and very little exterior cues to give her away. The subtle approach at a special edition has left many to contemplate the point of doing so.

Slightly modified Porsche Panamera enters the arena with the name ‘Edition’. There will be two Edition offerings to choose from, both with special luxury features to set them apart from their siblings. 

Aside from the glossed black trim outlining the windows, the Porsche Panamera Edition can be identified from her special 19-inch Panamera turbo wheels with the inscription ‘Edition’ etched on them. Those willing to shell out additional funds for the Porsche Entry & Drive can also have exterior-colored door handles. Inside the cockpit, the appropriate special edition logos can be found gracing headrests and other expected areas. Overall, the project seems to be about a more luxurious approach to the Porsche Panamera, as it is equipped with improvements like a two-tone black and Luxor beige cabin. The Panamera Edition also has technical add-ons like Park Assist and a couple of performance upgrades like active suspension. But is she worthy of a brand new special edition title and an additional $2k over the standard versions? With all the leather improvements and special stitching, perhaps!

Porsche Panamera EditionThe Porsche Panamera Turbo S car shows the sporty appeal of the versatile model.

Two Porsche Panamera Edition cars will be available: The Panamera Edition and the Panamera 4 Edition. Both offerings pack a robust six-cylinder kicking out around 310 horses, but the Panamera 4 Edition will boast active all-wheel drive with an electronic and map controlled multi-plate clutch. Fancy.

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