Project Supremacy Attempts to Perfect Lamborghini’s Aventador and Reventon

Perfection is simply not enough for some people, for example, SR Auto Group! The bold, aggressive and award-winning Aventador clearly needed a bit of tweaking (sarcasm)…and they stepped up to the plate! Aptly named, “Project Supremacy”, they sought to fashion the ultimate Aventador and Reventon cars. Follow link to see how Mansory tweaked the Lamborghini Aventador!

SR Auto Lamborghinis

Did they succeed? While the changes barely register, opinions are bound to vary!

SR Auto Group gave the Aventador very little, as it is a challenge to improve something stellar. The little that they did alter, however, looks fantastic! The Aventador was finished in white and fitted with new wheels, of course. PUR wheels in a 20/21” setup with modern matte-black face and Rose Gold lip.

For the Lamborghini Reventon, it was finished in matte-black and perched on PUR wheels, where it seems to fiercely glare at potential competitors.

SR Auto Lamborghinis

SR Aventador and Reventon

If you could alter these cars in any way, what changes would you make? Don’t miss our Lamborghini rentals on your way out, the best way to take on the weekend without busting your wallet!

SR Auto Aventador





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