Video: Up Close With The Intense Bugatti l’Or Blanc

Bugatti l'Or Blanc

Bugatti l’Or Blanc

The awe-inspiring Bugatti l’Or Blanc was spied waving its glorious porcelain-infused body around Paris recently! The paint literally glitters in the sun, showing off its swirling and rediculously cool claim-to-fame.


Upon first glance, the l’Or Blanc puts a spell on spectators–a spell that cannot be broken until the supercar is no longer in view. Enjoy the under-3-minute l’Or Blanc experience!

The name l’Or Blanc means ‘White gold’ in French, and the mesmerizing model certainly pulls it off. She was built in collaboration with Royal Porcelain Manufactory in Berlin with a design inspired by a voluptuous road, the Stelvio Pass, located in the Alps.

Bugatti l'Or Blanc

The unique use of porcelain in a supercar added a bit more pizazz to the already-uber-exclusive Bugatti Veyron.

Bugatti l'Or Blanc
The most interesting paint scheme in the world? Perhaps!



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