Rolls Royce Resumes U.S. Growth

Rolls Royce Dealerships

Rolls Royce dealership

Ultra-luxe Rolls Royce Motor Cars has resumed adding dealers to its U.S. operations once again, displaying increasing demand for its luxury cars here in the States.  While it is certainly true that the supreme luxury cars and Rolls Royce rentals are highly sought after in the United States, sales definitely dropped dramatically during the economic downturn. 


Rolls Royce

Who does not love the luxury of a Rolls Royce?  Check out the interior

Ultimately, the company aims to have a total of 38 U.S. Rolls Royce dealerships.  Currently, there are 32 dealerships, so this plan would add just a handful, yet it is still a positive sign of recovery in the U.S. luxury car market.  The brand does seek to attract as many high-end clients as possible, which has led to 11 Rolls Royce dealerships in China, the world’s current largest auto market.

Rolls Royce

As far as the latest luxury hybrid car trends, Muller-Otvos of Rolls Royce stated that Rolls would refrain from shrinking its cars, as the space is characteristic of the brand, though it is testing an all-electric Phantom!  And when asked if the brand may consider producing a hybrid luxury car, Muller-Otvos said he wouldn’t rule out any possibilities.

Rolls Royce

Overall, exciting news from an exciting brand that is certainly accelerating in the right direction!  Don’t miss our fleet of fabulous luxury car rentals, including the Rolls Royce Phantom and more on your way out!




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