WTF: Luxury Cars Ditched on New Delhi Roads

Luxury cars are littering the streets of New Delhi…much like garbage!  New Delhi’s Directorate of Revenue Intelligence (DRI) say that owners are abandoning their luxury vehicles to avoid getting busted for an elaborate tax evasion scheme that has been going on.  Hmm…perhaps these auto owners should have opted for an exotic rental car if they couldn’t afford to play! 

Abandoned luxury cars

Abandoned luxury cars line New Delhi, Dubai and other cities

Working on an anonymous tip, police recovered an Aston Martin and a Bentley gathering dust on a roadside in Vasant Vihar, an upscale area favored by wealthy Indians and expatriates.  The DRI believes that the luxury car owners have simply ditched the vehicles to avoid prosecution.  Approximately 40 cars sit in a police impound lot, including top brands like Ferrari, Lamborghini, Aston Martin, Rolls Royce, Bentley and Hummer…all owned by film stars, politicians and cricket players.

Abandoned Ferrari Dubai

Abandoned Ferrari in Dubai

Officials have been probing into a multi-million dollar smuggling ring involving a British businessman and diplomats from North Korea and Vietnam.  Charges were filed against high-end auto dealer Walia by the DRI, accusing him of bribing the diplomats to allow him to import the luxury cars in their names, because diplomats are permitted to import personal cars duty-free.  Customs duties can run as high as 100%, so you can get a feel for just how much money the dealer saved before he sold the cars to other customers. 

Abandoned Ferrari

Yet another abandoned Ferrari in Dubai

The scheme does not end there, however!  According to a police report filed by Benoy Berry, Burundi’s honorary counselor in India, Walia stole two Range Rovers and a Porsche that Walia imported for him.  Police say some of the other abandoned luxury vehicles may have been stolen in Britain, France, Singapore and Japan prior to their appearance in India.  The DRI estimates that the smuggling ring has cost the treasury around $2.5 million in taxes.

Abandoned luxury cars in Dubai lot

Luxury cars in an impound

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