Smirnoff Gets into the Marketing Mix and Reality TV

Smirnoff has been displaying an increasing urge to create its own unique television content, and the brand continues its quest for domination as Diageo Smirnoff launches its first brand-produced reality show.  The show will be called “Master of the Mix”, a reality competition and ad campaign rolled into one neat little package.
Master of the Mix Smirnoff
The show will feature a lineup of seven top DJs who will compete for the title of “Master of the Mix” and $250,000 in cash and prizes in various cities including Las Vegas, Los Angeles, New York, Miami and London.  This sounds similar to reality shows like “Top Chef”, “America’s Next Top Model” and the like.  Yawn…I feel like this reality craze is spinning out of control.  I would love to see some fresh ideas generated by the major brands of the world.  Continuously repeating what caused others success in the past does not breed creativity, but rather stagnates the entertainment industry.

The ‘Master of the Mix’ DJ competition will be judged by DJ Kid Capri and hosted by Grammy-nominated hip-hop producer JustBlaze.   It is signed for eight episodes to air between November 3rd and December 29th, on BET.   I hope it is entertaining, and I hope Samantha Bronson is in it.

Smirnoff is obviously going to be fully integrated into the programming, with product placement and signage in the bar/club contest settings.  If the series sucks, they should also hand out free Smirnoff drinks to make them more bearable to the audience!  Miami is scheduled to host the third episode, spotlighting an event called “The Smirnoff Night Exchange Project”, wherein famous “nightlife figures” will gather the best elements of nightlife from 14 countries.

So why dive into reality tv competitions?  Smirnoff anticipates around 500,000 to 1 million viewers to tune into “Master of the Mix”, and also anticipates for multicultural, gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender communities to account for the majority of sales growth over the next five years.


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