Successor of the McLaren Tribe Spins Off

The McLaren F1 has been impossible to follow up-but here is the most recent attempt. Meet the McLaren MP4-12C, long name for a long reputation to live up to!  There are some who consider the McLaren the greatest sportscar of all time, and that is most definitely a tough act to follow.

While the McLaren MP4-12C has all the specs for a sportscar, let it be known that McLaren did not attempt to make another F1, but rather a marketable sibling of sorts.  Albeit MP4-12C does leave the distinct impression that X-Box has a patent-pending or that the Mario Brothers will be driving it, because of the absurd and code-like name.  Maybe it is for Area 51.  This McLaren is no more thrilling than the usual suspects in the realm of luxury and exotic cars.
We should note that our disappointment stems mainly from the fact that this is clearly a Ferrari 458 Italia-level competitor, with a conventional two-seat layout, and that McLaren didn’t try and make a new F1. Speaking of-Ferrari rentals may be more exciting than this.  Specs of the new McLaren include:

•    600 horsepower
•    Twin-turbo 3.8-liter V8 engineMcLaren MP4-12C
•    176 lbs carbon fiber monocoque
•    7-speed dual clutch gearbox with Pre-Cog pre-selector system
•    $265,000 MSRP
•    A sleek body
•    Carbon Chassis

Not to be totally negative, the McLaren MP4-12C is attractive, lightweight with an impressive single-piece carbon fiber chassis.  It also includes a lot of awesome McLaren-designed technology, but shot-for-shot it just fails to measure up to the infinitely high expectations fans have of a McLaren.

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