LaFerrari Inspires Next Maserati Supercar?

Maserati MC12

The Enzo successor unveiled at the Geneva Auto Show, LaFerrari, seems to have left an inspired Maserati singing along. Rumor has it that Maserati is feverishly planning its next supercar, to be loosely based on the aggressive LaFerrari.

Will Maserati produce a LaFerrari-based flagship supercar?

If Maserati is indeed gearing up to build a new hypercar based on the bones of LaFerrari, what can we expect? Some think it will be a blend of the MC12 and LaFerrari, with the suspension, chassis and electrical systems of Ferrari, but not the hybrid system. The body would probably be a unique carbon fiber creation, and it is never a challenge to recognize a Maserati. read more