Stirling Moss Aston Martin: That Will Just Be $20 Million

Stirling Moss Aston Martin

A British Icon is up for grabs: a 1959 Aston Martin DBR1/2 driven by Sir Stirling Moss himself. The real story here is the price tag, which is expected to be around $20 million dollars. There is a reason for the jaw-dropping amount…a rich history of tradition and triumph!  (A bit of name-dropping never hurt a brand, either). Rent an Aston Martin from us to get a feel for this amazing and historic brand.

This nearly priceless slice of British history dominated the motorsport scene in the late 1950s. What do you think of the Stirling Moss Aston Martin? read more

New Aston Martin DB9 Boasts Hardcore Hand-Me-Downs

New Aston Martin DB9

Get ready, gearheads! The new Aston Martin DB9 is doubling down for a power boost thanks to hand-me-downs from sibling Vanquish. The 2013 DB9 has borrowed some of the engine architecture in order to jump from 470 horses to 510. Hey, what are siblings for?

Aston Martin calls this latest generation of engine the “Gen4 VH architecture.”

The changes:
• An updated block
• Revised intake manifold
• Uprated fuel pump
• While the 0-62 sprint is 4.6 seconds compared to 4.8, the top speed surprisingly dropped from 186 to 183.
To put the siblings into perspective, the Aston Martin Vanquish packs 565 potent horses with its 5.9-liter V12, which it has generously handed down to the DB9. read more