Ferrari 458 Monte Carlo: Does Chevy Know About This?

Ferrari 458 Monte Carlo

The next gen Ferrari 458 is getting a bit of a twist, and a well-known name, if tips are true. Rumor has it the next version will drop the ‘Italia’ from its name and pick up a city, which will likely be confused with another car. Orders are reportedly being taken for the Ferrari 458 Monte Carlo concept.

The Ferrari 458 Monte Carlo concept (not pictured above–photos do not exist yet). So does Chevy know about this?

This is not the first time Ferrari has used a previously popular and well-known automotive designation for one of its models. Ford sued over the use of “F150” when the Ferrari F150 racer emerged (Not that a sleek Ferrari racecar could ever be mistaken for a robust Ford pickup…or that they even share a target market). Not a brand to move slow, Ferrari is taking orders for the Ferrari Monte Carlo concept. read more