Ferrari to Unveil High Performance 458 Scuderia Model?

458 Scuderia

Rumors are aflame that the Prancing Horse is poised to unveil yet another glorious supercar at the Frankfurt Auto Show this September. Will there be a Ferrari 458 Scuderia? The Scuderia badge has been left in the dust for the past 6 years–it was last used on the Ferrari F430.

Fun fact: The word Scuderia means “stable of horses”, which makes it quite fitting for the Prancing Horse brand. Pictured above is the F430 Scuderia.

What a Scuderia version of the Ferrari 458 means is that it will be a slightly more powerful version of its sibling, the standard 458 Italia. Lamborghini does the same with its “Superleggera” badge. Basically, special high-performance versions of a car entice the adrenaline junkies and are typically a success. read more