Buyers Go Gaga for Her Rolls-Royce at Auction

Rolls-Royce at auction

Fans of luxury cars and Lady Gaga just had the opportunity to purchase her 1990 Rolls-Royce Corniche III yesterday. How often does one get the option to go gaga for a celebrity-owned Rolls-Royce at auction? The sale remained stagnant with 2 bids at $16k for a long while–then things picked up and the Rolls went for $125k.

Not only can the buyer feel good about owning a small slice of something considered interesting, Lady Gaga is donating a cool 100% of the sale to the MusiCares charity. MusiCares is a charity that assists those working in the music industry during times of need. You know, if you be all late on that Lamborghini payment and need to keep up appearances…I kid, I kid. The sale took place at the Hard Rock New York as a segment of the ‘Music Icons, Legends and Rebels Auction’. read more