Porsche InnoDrive Challenges Pesky Human Drivers

Porsche InnoDrive

Porsche is joining the ranks of autonomous vehicle offerings. With the Porsche InnoDrive, the brand aims to begin paving a path toward eliminating driver (human) error. Will Porsche have what it takes to compete with the Google or Audi autonomous technologies? Not so fast. They are merely bundling some of their existing smart technologies together and still require flesh and bone to function.

What autonomous really means

The autonomous vehicle is being billed as one without human error, even though humans created it. The idea behind the technology is quite simple: A machine can stay focused on the road while humans naturally become distracted. Machines do not get hungry, listen to music or feel an urge to update Facebook while operating a motor vehicle. Humans do all of those things and so very many more that lead to accidents and deaths each day. read more