The Texas Motor Speedway Track Event is Just 2 Weeks Away—Have You Signed Up?

Your chance to rip it up in a supercar at Texas Motor Speedway is less than 2 weeks away! If you haven’t already, contact Imagine Lifestyles Luxury Rentals today to secure your spot in the lineup. Our luxury driving events are notorious for exhilaration and shockingly low prices…where else can you nab 3 laps in a Ferrari, Lamborghini and more for under $200 USD? You can’t.

Supercar Track Experiences

For less than you would pay for a nice night out, you can experience a true supercar! (Just imagine the Facebook photos).

The course at Texas Motor Speedway is 1.1 miles and is touted as the ultimate southern straightaway experience. Forget just tooling around in a Ferrari—this is how you slam the pedal down on the track and get a feel for exactly what the car was made for: sheer speed. Once you release the prancing horses or bulls from their respective stables, you will want to tell everyone how amazing the vehicles are in their intended environment—the racetrack!

Ferrari California rental

Ferrari California rental

The options:
• 3 full laps with an Imagine Lifestyles pro driver (with you driving)
• 3 full laps riding shotgun with a pro driver

The cars:
• Lamborghini (the likes of the LP560 Gallardo)
• Ferrari (the likes of the California, 599 and F430)

Drive a Ferrari at Texas Motor Speedway

Select members of the fleet poised for action at a previous Imagine Lifestyles luxury driving event!

The details:

• The event dates: July 25th- 29th 2012
•Arrive an hour in advance to ensure that you are not late. Late arrivals will forfeit their drive as the schedule is packed!

The fine print:
• Dates, times, and cars subject to availability
• Must be 21 or older to drive 

• Must be 13 or older to ride-along 

• 6’4″ height max, 325lb weight max
• Must sign waiver
• Auto-Cross track insurance required
• Credit card required at booking
• Valid driver’s license required at the event

Ferrari  rental

Have you always dreamed of driving a Ferrari on a racetrack?

Supercar track experiences

See you soon!

If there are any questions please email us at or phone 866-436-3514. Drivers may reserve a spot–just click here!




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