Expensive Tastes: The Cupcake Worth More Than an Exotic Car Rental

There is a cupcake in the UAE with a $27,000 USD price tag and a lifespan of 15 minutes! It is definitely hard to swallow the thought of a measly cupcake worth about 30 exotic rental car trips! Sorry UAE…but I would much rather rent every car at Imagine Lifestyles for a month than swallow one bling-emblazoned cupcake!

Golden Phoenix cupcake

The Golden Phoenix. Seriously?

The Golden Phoenix cupcake is topped with actual gold flakes and the chocolate melts within 15 minutes.
Of course, money is no object in the UAE or neighboring Abu Dhabi—both are always dishing up shockingly exorbitant luxury items and cuisine. The wealth in these areas is so incredible that even established multi-millionaires shudder at the occasional asking price!

 Watch the short clip above to see the creation process of a Golden Phoenix cupcake

Insane expenses in the Emirates:
•  $75,000 gold-plated eyeglasses
•  $5,500 gold-plated iPad
•  $3 billion-dollar Emirates Palace Hotel
•  Gold vending machine inside Palace Hotel
•  $11 million dollar Christmas tree inside Palace Hotel

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