Tips for Tipping and Going All-Out in South Beach

Tipping at a 5-star RestaurantGoing out in South Beach can be an art-whether it is to a nice dinner with friends or the latest chic nightclub; it is never ok to step-it down a notch.  Your wardrobe, your accessories, your choice of exotic rental car and even the amount you tip for service are all open for judgment in this seductive city.  There is definately a weath of possibilities to occupy your time and your wallet in South Beach.

With so many trendy and upscale options to entertain your luxurious side, South Beach is the center for excess and glitz.  A typical night may entail dinner and cocktails at the swanky and new W Hotel South Beach, and what better way to make an impression than to arrive in that bright yellow Lamborghini rental you have been thinking of!  Other tempting restaurant options include The Setai, Nobu, Prime 112, Casa Tua and Sushi Samba, all described here.

The W Hotel offers delectable international cuisine, and also within the W Hotel is The Wall, its upscale bar and nightclub.  The W Hotel South Beach just opened its polished doors this summer, and along with The Wall has generated quite a buzz as “The place to be and be seen this summer.” 

Lastly, as the evening of fine food, drinks and good company draws to a close; you may be left to wonder what constitutes an appreciative and adequate tip at a 5-star restaurant.  Remember, at popular spots like the W Hotel, it is entirely likely that you will be remembered-in either a positive or negative light, by what you opt to leave on the table (not to mention you do not want your social circle to label you a “cheap skate”).  For this reason and many others, in an upscale establishment it seems 20% is the new 15%, 25% if the service is outstanding in some aspect. Now that all of the ground-rules are laid out, you are free to impress and indulge!

Post by Imagine Lifestyles Luxury Rentals