Top 10 Funniest Places to See a Lamborghini

A lamborghini spotting only comes around once in awhile depending on where you live.  In Miami and LA you may see one or 2 in a day or week but in the rest of the country they are much like seeing a lunar eclipse. What is more rare than a brand new 2010 Lamborghini LP-560-4 white but a Lamborghini spotted as some unusual spots around town?   Check out the pictures below and see how some Lamborghini owners roll in their high-priced wheels.




#10 Eating at Weber’s.  Weber’s is a place where waitresses take your order at your car and place a tray with your food on the window and you eat in your car.  Watch out for the leather.



#9 At Walmart a perfect place for the new Lamborghini LP-560-4.  Does anything else need to be said?

Lamborghini LP560 in front of Wal Mart



#8 Lamborghini LP-560 at The Goodwill Store (hopefully dropping off some items)

Lamborghini LP-560 at The Goodwill Store













#7 At a cheesy Hotel I meant Motel INN (maybe they own the place)

Lamborghini LP-560 in front of cheap Motel













#6 White Lamborghini Spotted at McDonald’s  (we all need a quick bite to eat)

Lamborghini LP-560 Spotted at McDonalds



 #5 Lamborghini at Home Depot.  Hopefully the guys in the pic are not going to put their carpet on the roof.

Lamborghini LP-560 at Home Depot



#4 Lamborghini parked right outside a Trailer Park Home.  HOOD RICH!!!

Lamborghini LP-560-4 in front of Trailer Park



#3  Lambo in front of Gentlemen’s Club (I am sure it is the owners car)

Lamborghini LP-560 in Front of Gentlemen's Club



#2  Lamborghini at the Dollar Store (how many $1 items can this Lamborghini owner fit into their car)

Lamborghini LP-560 at Dollar Store



#1 Lamborghini at JC Penney (WTH?)

Lamborghini LP-560 in front of JC Penney


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Post by Imagine Lifestyles Luxury Rentals