What to Look for in a Miami Ferrari Rental Service

When you want to rent a Ferrari in Miami, it is helpful to know what to look for in an exotic rental car company.

The top 5 reasons our customers prefer Imagine Lifestyles Luxury Rentals and keep coming back are:
1.    Flexible rental options
2.    Pricing
3.    Personality & professionalism
4.    Available models and brands
5.    Industry expertise & trust

Ferrari 599 GTB rental Miami

Ferrari 599 GTB rental Miami available from Imagine Lifestyles

1. Flexible rental options. When you are renting a Ferrari or other exotic car in Miami, flexibility is key! The option to rent a car hourly, daily and weekly is always offered from Imagine Lifestyles to ensure that your exact needs are met.

2. Pricing. The cost of a luxury rental vehicle like a Ferrari is always an important factor when making a decision. Be wary of companies that continuously alter their pricing, or seem to offer a drastically different quote to you during the same season! People know that renting a Ferrari is more expensive than a standard car rental, but no one wants to be taken advantage of. We are here to ensure that you get the same fair pricing each time you call us for a new car rental!

Ferrari 612 rental Miami

Ferrari 612 rental Miami

3. Personality & professionalism. You want a luxury rental company that is both friendly and highly professional. The staff at Imagine couple in-depth knowledge of the luxury lifestyle with just the right style of friendly personality to make your rental experience unforgettable and easy! From your first call or email, the voice on the other end will be pleasant and excited to serve your needs!

A long-time client once said to us, “Hey, so do I still have to pay for this? Because I feel like I am just borrowing a car from a friend at this point!”  That is what we love to hear!

Ferrari California rental Miami

Ferrari California rental Miami

4. Availability. You want a Miami exotic rental company who is available 24/7, and that offers the latest available models. Rarely does someone contact us asking if we have a Ferrari rental from ten years ago! We stay on top of the game; just view our extensive collection of available brands and models!

5. Industry expertise and trust are both vital to fostering a good relationship with your luxury rental company of choice. The company you choose to work with should deliver on promises, provide tips and expertise and in turn will earn and maintain your trust. Do not work with a company who promises a certain model, then attempts to provide you with a lower quality model the day of your rental experience. If the above-mentioned areas are important to you when you rent a vehicle, contact us for your next experience!

Ferrari 458 Italia rental Miami

Ferrari 458 Italia rental Miami
 Ferrari F430 rental Miami

Ferrari F430 rental Miami, F430 coupe also available!





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