Toyota TNGA to Adapt Powertrains for Faster Product Creation

Toyota is a company known for its unexpected offerings–think back to the Lexus LFA, the first-ever attempt at a supercar and the ensuing success. The brand is quite strategic in all aspects of operations, using advanced and flexible modular platforms in order to create new models with greater ease. The upcoming Toyota TNGA platform will gear things up further, offering a strategic base from which to build future products at a reduced cost, which ultimately leads to more.

Resources could be spared at a rate of 20% or higher with the Toyota TNGA platform, freeing up funds for more development and exciting new models. While money and funding are always an issue, TNGA is driven further by efficiency and performance qualifications. Improved laser welding and a revisit to the center of gravity have molded great expectations for future vehicle capacities. This paves the way for completely new powertrains with dramatically improved fuel economy.

Toyota TNGAWhat the new Toyota TNGA vehicles will look like: The first of the TNGA-based vehicles are slated to roll out as soon as 2015. Rumors indicate that the next-gen Prius may be the first to be fitted with the specialty platform. While that is not exactly thrilling, larger versions of the base will be crafted for other offerings like the bulkier FWD offerings and SUVs. There should also be an option created for the RWD Lexus cars, which could become quite exciting if they continue along the same path they have traveled since the birth of the LFA supercar and its siblings. In the end, Toyota is taking charge of managing the way it builds from the ground up to ensure a successful future and continued improvements along the way, with the occasional wow-factor.

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