Unique Sports Car Concept, The BRB Evolution Super Car

Want the best of the best when it comes to luxury cars, but worried about fitting it into tight spaces?  Meet the BRB Evolution supercar, a concept sports car designed to be different.  It may look like a Dyson vacuum cleaner, but give it a chance. BRB Evolution Supercar Concept

The BRB Evolution was designed by 22-year old British engineer Daniel Bailey, and the fresh approach is certainly welcome.  This is a luxury concept car that has the capacity to fold itself in half lengthwise in order to fit into tight parking spaces.  Don’t worry, it manages to dazzle on the aesthetics end as well!

How is it possible for a car to fold in half?  The BRB can jack itself up onto its snout, and fold its rear wheels to fit underneath it.  Is anyone else having ‘Batman Begins’ or ‘Dark Knight’ flashbacks?
BRB Evolution Concept Car
The young luxury car engineer says he drew his inspiration from the Lamborghini Murcielago and Peugeot 908, but I suspect he has also seen the hit flick ‘Transformers’ as well.  It is important to note that the concept car cannot perform its magical folding show with occupants inside.

What’s more is that the BRB concept car is intended to be powered by hydrogen or electricity, making it a decidedly green vacuum…er, vehicle.  There is no danger of this innovative concept car pounding the pavement anytime soon, but it is an interesting approach and magnetic display of talent and brainpower.


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