Video: The Ultimate Lamborghini Experience 2011!

Ultimate Lamborghin Experience

The Ultimate Lamborghini Experience hits the track

If you are in the mood for up-close and personal footage of nothing but Lamborghinis purring, pulsating and plowing around the track, here are some smoking tires you shouldn’t miss! This is the Ultimate Lamborghini Experience, including a private moment with Valentino Balboni, so prepare to get revved up!

Driving a Lamborghini is something everyone should experience, so reserve your Lamborghini rental today. If you have never had the rush of ripping it up in a luxury car on a track, it is unbelievable! You can snag an exotic sports car rental from Imagine Lifestyles and reserve some track time to get the full effect, but this video will help get you in the mood!

This is the 2011 Ultimate Lamborghini Experience, 14 minutes of true luxury car romance awaits you above!




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