Watch a Lamborghini Collide with a Shelby GT500 During a Race

The following video clip shows how challenging it can be to drive a Lamborghini Gallardo…even with 4-wheel drive! Watch as the silver Gallardo smashes into the red Shelby GT500 during a racing event in Medellin, Colombia! Just after the white Audi R8 passes, the action ensues!

Listen to the bystanders laugh audibly at this auto disaster! It is no secret that an exotic car wreck doubles as entertainment in any culture. 

Even after being accosted by the Gallardo, the GT500 continued to race. The Lamborghini, however, lost the beauty contest after losing most of its front fascia. Ouch.

Exotic car crashes

The racing event, “Formula GT500 Copa”, does not seem to feature supercars with extensive modifications.

Hypercars pack a ton of power and speed. When that power is pushing to all four wheels, it is important to know how to control it. While even the best drivers have their bad moments, knowing everything about the car you are driving and practicing often are key.

Lamborghini Gallardo crash

Not exactly a victory lap


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