World’s Fastest Man Crashes BMW

Usain Bolt, the world’s fastest man, crashed his black BMW in a minor fender-bender in his homeland, Jamaica. It is fortunate that the fastest man was not driving a Bugatti, the fastest car, or the outcome could have been different! Bolt is unharmed, suffering no injuries in the luxury car accident.

Bolt BMW

Bolt has strong feelings for the brand

The crash occurred around 5 a.m. on a Sunday morning, when the 3-time Olympic champion lost control of his BMW, swerving into a guardrail. Bolt returning from a party with friends in the early hours, having just returned to Jamaica after competing in the Diamond League meet in Norway.

This is not the superstar sprinter’s first auto accident—he also careened a BMW into a ditch along a Jamaican highway in 2009. Anyone want to venture a guess what exotic car brand Bolt favors?

Bolt BMW accident

It is rumored that Bolt was a BMW ambassador at the time and the time of the crash and that it happened soon after he underwent a training course at Germany’s famed Nurburgring track…which would certainly add insult to injury. If there were an injury.

Fellow Jamaican sprinter Asafa Powell was traveling in another car at the time and was at the scene of Bolt’s accident. He dispelled rumors that he was injured while riding in Bolt’s BMW via Twitter:
“My friend and countryman (Bolt) is ok after a fender bender.”  Powell continued, “Contrary to the news, I was in another car.”

Bolt BMW crashes

Bolt’s car crashes have worried his devoted fans in Jamaica, where the charismatic athlete is regarded as a national treasure

Usain Bolt

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