2011 A Record Year For Luxury Car Sales?

Is The Luxury Car Market Back?

The last few years have been nothing to sing about for luxury-car markers as the economy slowly ate away at their sales figures and demand.  2011 has barely begun and luxury automakers all have smiles on their faces when they read the sales forecasts for this year.  Luxury-car makers are gearing up for record sales figures both in the first quarter of 2011 and the year as a whole. We wonder if the luxury rental car market also has seen a record year.

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Audi, BMW, and Mercedes executives are all claiming to be on record pace through January, with some brands sales figures up almost 25% from last year.  A significant portion of this growth is occurring overseas, but automakers have been trying for years to expand into new markets and their growth strategies are finally starting to bear some fruit.  Affluent customers in China are a significant reason for the increased sales, and automakers expect growth in that part of the world to continue to increase.

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The economy is obviously nowhere near being out of the gutter, but if luxury car sales are any indication we might have some reason to be optimistic in 2011.  If your current economic situation does not warrant an exotic or luxury car purchase anytime soon, and you are not alone, feel free to check out Imagine Lifestyles luxury rentals selection of Chicago exotic rental cars, Miami luxury rental cars and our newest branch of New York luxury rental cars.  We can put you behind the wheel of some of the nicest cars in the world for a fraction of the cost of ownership. 


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