WTH: Wrecked Ferrari Doubles as Coffee Table

Ferrari coffee table

Art du jour

So you have totaled your Ferrari, but do not necessarily feel like dropping the dough to fix it. Not a problem, just transform the rumpled heap of red rubble into an artsy centerpiece, ensuring that the exotic car crash will forever remain the center of attention! Meet the most expensive coffee table in the world…possibly owned by the Most Interesting Man in the World. (At least I like to think so.)

Ferrari Coffee Table


Yes, you are looking at a crashed Ferrari turned table, which has to be a one-off! This table turner was created by French designer Charly Molinelli, who located a totaled Ferrari specifically for this piece. Once a car was found, it was crushed down to fit the proper dimensions to squeeze into the table. So he must have just decided one day that “Hey! I’d really like to see a totaled vehicle inside of this mammoth table…but it should be a fancy car. I got it! A Ferrari would look fabulous in there!” …I assume the thought stream was somewhere along those lines.

Ferrari coffee table

Would you display a wrecked exotic car in your living room? I would not be able to stop staring at it. I like the idea, but the table itself feels somewhat robust and dated. The owner would also require Popeye to rearrange the living room!


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Ferrari coffee table

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