WTH: Toyota Corolla Mistaken for a Ferrari F430

Every once in a while, something scrumptiously hilarious emerges in the auto world—like this Toyota Corolla that was mistaken for a Ferrari F430! While it may sound like a joke, as not everyone is a supercar expert, it is true. Some modification companies are quite talented—leaving the Internet wide open for blunders like this!

Ferrari F430

The CorollaFerrari F430Ferrari F430 

When this Toyota Corolla rolled through the bustling streets of Bangalore, India recently, people stopped in their tracks to gawk and whistle. Nearly everyone assumed it was the fabulous Ferrari F430 sports car! The Toyota’s owner had dropped some dough to transform the car into a supercar (from the outside, anyway!).

Ferrari F430

The company behind the confusion is called ‘Executive Modcar Trendz’. The ‘Z’ on the end of trendz is fittingly tacky for a copycat company. Driving a fake Ferrari is the same as toting a Louis Vuitton knock-off…it may fool people from afar, but once they get up close, it just seems pathetic.

While it is a bit sad, it is also humorous that so many onlookers were fooled. Take into consideration that the streets of Bangalore are not typically infested with a great deal of wealth and flashy sports cars. It is unlikely the faux Ferrari F430 would have fooled many in say, the UK for example.

Ferrari F430 kit

The UK was actually the inspiration for Executive Modcar Trendz. Founder Faisal Nensey noticed how important luxury cars are in the UK, and wanted to offer a piece of that upscale vibe to India. Now, an increasing group of locals are driving around with egos stronger than a real supercar engine. Awesome.

Ferrari F430

Nensey figured that any sedan could be modified to look like the latest luxury car of someone’s dreams. The company also revamps interiors, because the commutes are long in India, making a luxurious cabin more important than a hot exterior. 

India turns to Executive Modcar Trendz to give their four-fendered friends a makeover. Faux pas? Comment below!


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